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Vector Management Workshops 2017

Great information on upcoming workshops! WORKSHOP INFORMATION: This Workshop is designed to train Personnel in cities and municipalities that are in the field of mosquito abatement or are working on setting up a mosquito control program. The workshop will educate personnel on mosquito identification, biology, ecol-ogy, control tactics, trap use, surveillance, virus testing, Zika and mosquito control. Register Online at Or Call Heidi @ 254-968-4144 Contact Dr. Sonja Swiger at

Quick Reference for Common Rangeland and Pasture Herbicides

Citrus Leafminers and Mockingbirds

This week we have had several calls and visits about challenges with plants including a Citrus Tree. A sample of leaves and fruit were brought by to identify a problem that presented as curled and distorted leaved with mine patters across them. The fruit was damaged on the outside but was in perfect condition on the inside. The Culprit?

Texas Eminent Domain Database Up and Running

Texas Eminent Domain Database Up and Running Posted: 11 Sep 2016 11:51 PM PDT The Texas Comptroller’s Office announced last week that its eminent domain database is now up and running.  To view the database, click here.

Next Texas Master Beekeepers Certification Program Testing Announced

Time To Register For The Next Texas Master Beekeeping Class “The 2016 fall exam registration form is now available for the fourth round of apprentice testing and second round of advanced level testing,” says Texas Master Bee Keeping Board member Mary Reed.  Late in 2014 a group of bee keepers including AgriLife Extension and Research professionals plus apiary inspectors began the process of creating a Texas Master Beekeepers Certification program, similar to Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists. The first offering of the testing was held in March 2015… Read More →

New Look Coming to Comptroller.Texas.Gov

Our office is hard at work redesigning and rebuilding our agency website, Comptroller.Texas.Gov. The new website will launch in the coming weeks, and we want to ensure you are prepared for the transition.

Ranch TV at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

Check out over 600 Beef Cattle & Ranch Management Videos. Click on the picture for more information! 

Gulf Coast and South Texas Viticulture