Multi-County New Landowner Education Series



October 2023 NLO Wildlife Flyer

Multi-County New Landowners

Education Series 

On behalf of the agricultural community, we would like to welcome you to our slice of heaven.  Our community is pleased to have you, and look forward to a prosperous relationship.  We would like to formally invite you to participate in a tremendous educational event, the Multi-County New Landowner Education Series, specifically designed to help guide you in your new endeavor(s).


The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties have developed a series of educational programs to assist new landowners with the concept of agriculture production and rural living.  The Multi-County New Landowner Program is designed with you in mind, providing opportunities to hear from leading experts and successful producers in the field of agriculture on what it takes to start, manage, and maintain your own agricultural enterprise and effectively manage your natural resources.  You will hear from AgriLife Extension Specialists, County Extension Agents, and others on concepts related to Wildlife Management, Pond Management, Forage Production, Weed & Brush Control, Horticulture Production, Honey Bees, Livestock Production, Rural Laws and Codes, and much more.  Networking is another great opportunity provided through this program series; bringing landowners from the four-county-area together to talk about plans, successes, and challenges in an effort to help one another.




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